Music Books

Festivity Productions Ltd has published these books to raise funds for the choir.

Servant Songs

A very popular book containing 166 traditional and contemporary Christian psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, has been reprinted. An accompanying tape includes a selection of the most popular.

Moving Through the Silence

The most recent cassette tape released by the Festival Singers, contains a further 17 contemporary Christian songs. It comes with an accompanying book of music and instrumental arrangements.

Songs of Life

Produced in 1996 and reprinted in 1997, is a music book of 43 songs celebrating the special moments of life, written by two Wellington composers Felicia Edgecombe and Rosemary Russell, with piano accompaniment arranged by Glenys Chiaroni.

To order please print and complete the following form


Order form for Festival Singers for Books & Tapes
(New Zealand orders only)

Please send me the following: (All prices are in NZ Dollars and include GST)

Overseas orders: please Email us.

For music books and tapes please print this page, complete the form and post your payment and order to us:

Servant Songs
Music Book …. copies @ $20.00 ………..
Cassette Tape …. tapes @ $15.00 ………..
Package (Book + Tape) …. packages @ $30.00 ………..
Moving Through the Silence
Music Book …. copies @ $10.00 ………..
Cassette tape …. tapes @ $15.00 ………..
Package (Book + Tape) …. packages @ $20.00 ………..
Songs of Life
Music book …. copies @ $25.00 ………..
Please add postage:
$4.00 per book or cassette ………..

CHEQUE ENCLOSED ……… (please tick)


Address _________________________________________



Festivity Productions Ltd
c/- PO Box 17160
Wellington 6147


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